Waitlist and LOOSH alternatives

Update January 2018: Leichhardt OOSH has a long waitlist for after school care. Families enrolling students into Leichhardt Public School are advised that it is highly unlikely that care will be available for their children this year.  Waitlist numbers and demand for care has increased in 2017 with new kindergarten enrolments. Leichhardt OOSH’s Before School Care is licensed for 120 children and After School Care for 180 children. It is easier to secure a Before School Care spot as they free up sooner throughout the school year. At St. Fiacre’s OOSH  After School Care for 68 children. Places at St Fiacres Primary School are not as difficult to get, though there is no guarantee of days. 

2018 Daily Waitlist Numbers

Leichhardt OOSH






Before School Care Waitlist






After School Care Waitlist







Other After School Care Providers collecting from Leichhardt Public School and operating 5 days a week in 2018:

WHOOSH CARE Operate their CCB eligible after school care service at Leichhardt Town Hall.

Neighbourhood 7 matches families with Government Approved Home Care and supports parents who would like to work from home as after school carers. Get on their waiting list now to secure a spot!

Extra-curricular activities that your child may enjoy:

‘My son loves Dancearama, it’s his favourite day of the week. The Teachers are fantastic, full of passion and enthusiasm. The after school program they run is fun, educational and very organised. Providing a great alternative to LOOSH.  I would highly recommend it.’ Dancearama- After School Dance & Drama Classes

Kid A Performing Arts Co. is a Drama, Musical Theatre, Film and Radio School offering performance ensembles, term and holiday programs in acting, improv, filmmaking, animation and musical theatre for young people. Leading tutors from NIDA, WAAPA, VCA, AFTRS and Impro Australia. Value added service includes school pick ups and 6pm drop offs in private buses for 40 children daily from Leichhardt PS, plus afternoon tea and 90 minute classes.

Meet trusted carers in your neighbourhood ready for before and after school care jobs with Juggle Street.  Parents can use the filters to search for local carers that meet their needs, such as age, drivers licence, language, WWCC and more. Juggle Street carers get rated and reviewed by parents, making it easier for you to decide which ones are the best fit for you!

Network with families who have children in the same year as our child to share care with them on your own or through a site like Connect 4 Care.

“I was always planning to get back to work so when I was at playgroups, the library or parks I would be on the lookout for Nannies with kids and always approach them and swapped numbers. When I did go back to work it came good, one of the Nannies I’d made contact with was able to help out with childcare and school pick ups.”                                                                                                   

Talk to neighbours, families and nannies, to find out what other families do for care.

“I got a uni student to pick up kids and bring them home.  I have seen groups of kids being collected by a shared nanny.”


Post a job on one of the following job boards:

Sydney University Job Board

TAFE Careers Connect                                                                                                    

Find A Babysitter                                                                                                         

Child Care Jobs 

More suggestions through Care for Kids “Alternatives to OOSH”

Parents often ask us at what age children can be left alone. This is a question for each family to make, this NSW Government Info Sheet: Leaving Children Home Alone provides some things to consider.

If you’d like to help advocate for working families you can join the After School Care Alliance


In Term 3 of each year we ask current LOOSH members to let us know what care they need for the following year. We only accommodate their current bookings; requests for new days are added to the existing waiting list.

CURRENTLY ENROLLED CHILDREN (based on priority of access markers then the date of enrolment)

SIBLINGS OF CURRENTLY ENROLLED CHILDREN (based on priority of access markers then the date of sibling enrolment)

NEW USERS (based on priority of access markers then the date they registered on the waitlist)